Prayer flag days Tibetan New year

Prayer Flag Days - Certain days in the Tibetan Calendar are considered auspicious for hanging prayer flags and banners. There are also certain days in the calendar that are considered inauspicious for hanging prayer flags, where doing so could create obstacles.
Unfavorable Prayer Flag days will be shown as: NPF (No Prayer Flags).
Mondays and Fridays are generally considered good days for hanging prayer flags, so long as they don't fall on a NPF day. It is also generally auspicious to hang prayer flags at the times of the full and new moon. The most favorable elemental combination day for hanging them is 'Earth-Earth'. These days are generally good for fulfilling intentions and beginning new activities. The elemental combination of Fire-Air is also considered an auspicious day for hanging prayer flags, again as long as that also doesn't fall on a NPF day.
The following days in the Tibetan Lunar dates are considered NPF: (No Prayer Flag hanging days)
• Days 10, 22 of Tibetan lunar months: 1, 5, 9.
• Days 7, 19 of Tibetan lunar months: 2, 6, 10.
• Days 4, 16, 28 of Tibetan lunar months: 3, 7, 11. • Days 1, 13, 25 of Tibetan lunar months: 4, 8, 12.


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