Dharma Day -Tuesday, June 13, 2023 Lunar 25th Day.

Vajrayana Buddhists celebrate Dakini Tsog (Tsok) on the 25th day of each lunar month to pay homage to the feminine wisdom energy. This is particularly significant for those who practice Vajrayogini or Chittamani Tara in Highest Yoga Tantra. The celebration includes a Tsok (Tsog) feast with food, singing, and either a group or single sadhana filled with sound and celebration. Dakini Tsog specifically honors Vajrayogini, the Sarva Dakini, Chittamani Tara, and the Wisdom Dakinis, all emanations of Tara and the wisdom of the Buddhas. The Vajrayogini Sadhanas and Her Sadhanas contain the Tsog feast sadhanas for Vajrayogini and Chittamani Tara, respectively, with honoring one equivalent to honoring them all.
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