Thursday, December 7, 2023 Lunar 25th Day.

Dakini Tsog (Tsok) is ritually observed and commemorated on the 25th day of every lunar month within Vajrayana Buddhist traditions. This ritual pays homage to the feminine energy of wisdom and holds a special significance as a commitment for practitioners engaged in Highest Yoga Tantra, particularly those devoted to Vajrayogini or Chittamani Tara. Dedicated Buddhists mark this occasion with a Tsok (Tsog), a festive gathering characterized by a celebratory feast, musical expressions, and the collective or individual performance of a sadhana filled with reverberating sounds and joyful celebration.

Dakini Tsog holds a special emphasis on celebrating Vajrayogini, the Sarva Dakini, and Chittamani Tara (the Highest Yoga Tantra manifestation of Mother Tara), along with the Wisdom Dakinis. The Tsog feast sadhanas dedicated to Vajrayogini are encapsulated within the Vajrayogini Sadhanas, while those for Chittamani Tara can be discovered within Her Sadhanas. Significantly, paying homage to one is equivalent to honoring them all, as each is considered an emanation of Tara and a manifestation of the collective Wisdom of all the Buddhas.

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