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Highest Buddha

Avalokiteshwara Resin Statue 13cm

Avalokiteshwara Resin Statue 13cm

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Avalokiteshwara is a very popular Bodhisattva and is seen in various forms across the Buddhist diaspora. Whilst Avalokiteshwara is variously depicted as male or female and in various poses, here he is shown in the Sahasrabhuja form with many heads and arms. A famous story tells that Avalokiteshwara vowed never to rest until all beings were freed from samsara. Despite incredible resolve, he realized that many beings were still to be saved and under the pressure of trying to comprehend this his head split into eleven pieces. These pieces developed into eleven heads with which he could hear the accumulated cries of suffering. After hearing this and attempting to reach out and help his arms also shattered into eleven pieces. These then developed into a thousand arms with which Avalokiteshwara could reach out and aid all those beings who are suffering.

Approx: 13cm × 8cm × 4cm
Origin: Nepal

High quality painted resin statue
Shows the Boddhisattva who embodies the compassion of all Buddhas
A rarely seen depiction
Fair Trade from Nepal
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