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Shoti Maa

Shoti Maa Dreamland organic herbal tea

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Organic  Herb and Spice Infusion, with lemon balm & passion flower.
All is done... Treat yourself to a moment of warm, comfortable coziness with passion flower, lemon balm and valerian, and immerse yourself in the relaxing silence of the night.

Shoti Maa Balance - a tea line for a day full of harmony
Rise: Clarity
Life spring: Active
Love for Life: Joy
Unwind: Relaxation
Dreamland: Night
Certified organic herbal and spice tea
Contains 16 one-cup bags per box
Delivered per 6 boxes, price mentioned is per box
Information on the packaging in English, Dutch, French, Italian and Spanish
Preparation per cup: water 100°C, brew for 5-6 minutes
Store in a cool, dry place