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Mala Prayer Beads | AA Quality Moonstone

Mala Prayer Beads | AA Quality Moonstone

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Moonstone is a feldspar with a mother-of-pearl glow and can vary in colour from bluish to reddish beige, yellow-green or even black. In India they name it “the Dream Stone” because moonstone is said to improve sleep and dream quality. According to legend, is supports a balanced hormone system and fertility. Moonstone melts down bitterness and gives way to more gentle emotions.

The string of beads is mainly used to count repeated mantras, serving the same purpose as a rosary. Beads made of semi-precious stones, pearls, bodhi seeds or wood may serve all kinds of goals, like counting any kind of mantras, or other forms of prayer, bows, walk-rounds and such. The cord is the same for every mala, and should be made of nine threads, symbolising the Buddha Vajradhara and the eight Bodhisattvas. The larger bead at the end stands for wisdom, realising emptiness, and the cylindrical bead on top of the large bead symbolises the void itself. Together, they symbolise the triumph over all adversities.

Moonstone Mala AA quality
108 beads
Size 5mm
Beads are gifted in a Fairtrade bag
Handmade and Fair Trade from Nepal
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