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Highest Buddha

Medicine Buddha Art Thangka Painting | 82cm x 53cm

Medicine Buddha Art Thangka Painting | 82cm x 53cm

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This stunning Medicine Buddha Painting Thangka Brocade wood scroll comes with a beautiful brocade, silk cover on the front for protection.

Hand painted by a Master Artist in Nepal, each is unique.

The Medicine Buddha, or Bhaiśajyaguru, is as his name suggests connected with healing. He is Lapis Lazuli blue in colour and dressed in the robes of a bhikśu (monk). His left hand rests in his lap in the mudra (hand gesture) of meditation, while in his right hand, held palm upwards at the right knee, he holds a branch of the healing myrobalan plant. In his left hand, which rests in his lap in the dhyana (meditation) mudra, he holds a bowl of amrita — the nectar of immortality.

The Medicine Buddha is a Buddha that helps with rejuvenation, both physical and emotional. The blue colour evokes the wood element, which is all about restoration and growth. You can display Medicine Buddha in any area of your home.

Brocade frame
Size: approx. 82cm x 53cm
Handmade and Fairtrade from Nepal
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