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Highest Buddha

Medicine Buddha Tibetan Prayer Flags | 10 flags 20 x 21 x 200 cm

Medicine Buddha Tibetan Prayer Flags | 10 flags 20 x 21 x 200 cm

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These Tibetan sacred prayer flags bear the image of Medicine Buddha, the embodiment of compassion and the source of healing and well-being.

Hang these vibrant prayer flags in your space to invoke the blessings of Medicine Buddha and cultivate an atmosphere of healing and serenity. Outside, as the flags flutter in the wind, they carry the divine energy and healing vibrations, spreading their transformative power throughout your surroundings.

Embrace the ancient wisdom of Medicine Buddha and invite his blessings into your life. It is believed Medicine Buddha protects living beings from physical and mental sickness and other dangers and obstacles, and helps them to eradicate the three poisons – attachment, hatred, and ignorance – which are the source of all sickness and danger.

Cord with 10 flags, picture is printed on one side
Fairtrade from Nepal
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