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Highest Buddha

Brass Buddha Statue Buddha Shakyamuni 16cm

Brass Buddha Statue Buddha Shakyamuni 16cm

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Shakyamuni Buddha symbolises the enlightened quality of spirit, which all living beings can attain. He symbolizes also all qualities one can think of, in a perfect and pure expression. By way of mental training, shortcomings of the human existence can be overcome, and which remains is the enlightened spirit. Everyone can reach this state - Shakyamuni Buddha has demonstrated this, and passed this on to us.
Thus, his picture is very popular and is mostly used to remind us of these enlightened qualities, and to develop those.
In many homes, one can find nowadays a special meditation area, with a favourite statue of the Buddha, flowers, candles, scents and pictures of close ones. It is a place where we may come to remember who we really are, and to meditate.

Unique item, the one pictured is the one sent  

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