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Highest Buddha

Car or window pendant Green Tara & dorje

Car or window pendant Green Tara & dorje

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Two-sided protection pendant to keep in a car, near a window or door.
To ward off negative energy or misfortune and to spread positivity.

Green Tara is a female Buddha. Her name means Star or bridge, transition. Metaphor for: she who helps to cross the ocean of suffering. Green Tara is depicted as a young girl or woman, relaxed, playful and dynamic. Her green colour indicates that she is connected to the Buddha family of all-realizing action. She sits in a relaxed way in lotus posture with her right leg outstretched, ready for action, ready to help anyone in need. The blue lotus and the mudra of her left hand symbolize purity and strength. Her right hand shows compassion.

Size 8 x 36 cm 

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