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Copper Tibetan Statue of Samantabhadra 6 cm (fine detail)

Copper Tibetan Statue of Samantabhadra 6 cm (fine detail)

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Shakti Yab-yum is a common symbol in Nepalese and Tibetan art. It represents the primordial union of wisdom and compassion, depicted as a male deity in union with his female consort via the similar concept of interpenetration or "coalescence," as illustrated by the concept of Indra's net. The male figure represents compassion and dexterity, while the female figure represents insight. The female is seated on the male's lap in yab-yum. A rare rendition of a similar figure, but reversed, with the male sitting on the female's lap, is known as yum-yab

The image of Samantabhadra is one of the oldest & among the most complex Buddhism, because of its simplicity & because the figures bear no symbolic objects (accoutrements) which otherwise define the form. Yet most people realize that there is some profound underlying meaning behind the form. The represents the realization & flowering of pure consciousness. Owing to its simplicity, there are several Samantabhadra interpretations & meanings attached to the form.
The central concepts regarding the image

This statue of Samantabhadra has been given a chocolate color antique patina. This oxidation is an imitation of a copper statue aged more than 100 years. This color has not been painted on the statue so the patina will not wear off easily, This patina comes to the statue by artificial oxidation process which will also protect the statue from natural oxidation.

Made in Nepal

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