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Highest Buddha

Dorje & Bell brass best quality 15cm

Dorje & Bell brass best quality 15cm

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Dorje & Bell bells are constructed with the highest quality brass alloy and measure 13.5 cm in With their classic design and powerful sound, they are essential components of any meditative practice. Handcrafted with precision, these bells make beautiful decoration pieces that will last a lifetime.

The Dorje (or: Vajra) and Bell are ritual objects that are used in Tibetan Buddhist practices, like pujas. The Dorje represents compassion, the purest form of male energy. The Bell represents wisdom, the purest form of female energy. The use of both Dorje and Bell together, is to remind us to unite compassion with wisdom, the correct view of reality.

Unique item picture represents actual item 

Approx.: 15cm High
Origin: Nepal
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