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Dorje (Vajra) Tibetan Buddhist Pendent Necklace

Dorje (Vajra) Tibetan Buddhist Pendent Necklace

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Beautifully simple, petite Dorje (Vajra) brass metal pendent with cord. The pendant is lightweight and handmade, decorative one side and smooth on the back.

The term Vajra is a Sanskrit word that is usually defined as "diamond" or "thunderbolt.", symbolically representing indestructability. The Tibetan name is Dorje.

The Vajra has special significance in Tibetan Buddhism, and the word is adopted as a label for the Vajrayana branch of Buddhism, one of the three major forms of Buddhism. The visual icon of the Vajra club, along with the bell (ghanta), form a principal symbol of the Vajrayana Buddhism of Tibet.

Since the pendent is entirely handmade, no two are alike so there can be slight variation in the given measurement.
Handmade in Nepal🕉

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