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Green Tree

Green Tree Divine Llama Natural Incense 15 grams

Green Tree Divine Llama Natural Incense 15 grams

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With the expression "Lama" many people immediately think of the famous Dalai Lama. Llama originally means "religious teacher" in the Buddhist faith. The Divine Llama incense is therefore inspired by Buddhist lamas who meditated a lot and could let go of everything.

The authentic oriental herbs in Green Tree incense help you to think and relax. The classic scent allows you to create the atmosphere of a monastery in your own place and let go of everything.

 Green Tree incense sticks are entirely natural and hand-rolled in India using traditional Indian methods unchanged in 400 years.

These premium all-natural masala incense sticks are made from natural herbs, resins, 
Each pack of incense sticks contains 15 grams of incense, which correlates to approximately 12 incense sticks.
Made in India
The burn time for each incense stick is roughly 45 to 60 minuets 

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