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Druk Incense

Guru Rinpoche Incense

Guru Rinpoche Incense

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Guru Rinpoche Incense
The god will defeat obstruction evil and help one's to accomplish your aim, Also help one's to gain empowerment.

Mantra : Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum.

This Tibetan incense is hand manufactured based on the principles of the Buddhist medicinal system and formulation prescribed by the great yogi of Bodhi school of Buddhism in Tibet. According to The Tibetan indigenous medicinal theory a blend of this incense with the Fragrance of the Cedar wood spikenard, Ambergris and other precious herbal Medicinal ingredients helps to relieve tension stress Anxiety, Depression irritability and use to offering to the different gods and goddess.
No of Stick : 37
Packing Size : 22.5 cm

100% Natural. No Animal Extract, No bamboo Sticks.
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