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Hana no Hana

Hana No Hana Rose Incense (40 Sticks)

Hana No Hana Rose Incense (40 Sticks)

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The Hana no Hana incense range specializes in being a fusion of the best Eastern and Western floral fragrances and the rose incense is no exception.

Hana no Hana rose incense is a sweet, floral and woody scent. It’s made from high-quality white Indian sandalwood, which provides a musk scent to the base notes. It has middle notes of sweet and floral rose and soft, creamy vanilla and a top note giving an accent of spiciness to the mix. 

This Hana no Hana rose incense contains 40 long sticks. The pretty, feminine packaging features a design mixing Art Nouveau style with Japanese art for an authentic and historical look.

Number of Sticks in Box: 40
Burn Time Per Stick: Approximately 20 Minutes
Length of Sticks: Approximately 137 mm Long
Dimensions of Box: 4.7 cm Width x 15.7 cm Length x 2.4 cm Depth
Country of Origin: Japan

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