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Hana no Hana

Hana No Hana Violet Incense (40 Sticks)

Hana No Hana Violet Incense (40 Sticks)

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Hana no Hana violet incense is a unique combination of Eastern and Western floral influences carefully made and produced by Japanese manufacturer, Nippon Kodo.

Hana No Hana violet incense is a powdery, floral and woody scent. It’s made with top quality white Indian sandalwood, so has base notes of sandalwood and musk. The middle notes of the fragrance are floral and the top note shines through as a calm and powdery violet. 

The packaging on Hana no Hana violet incense uniquely fuses Art Nouveau style with traditional Japanese art, producing an incense product that appeals to the refined style of modern buyers.

Number of Sticks in Box: 40
Burn Time Per Stick: Approximately 20 Minutes
Length of Sticks: Approximately 137 mm Long
Dimensions of Box: 4.7 cm Width x 15.7 cm Length x 2.4 cm Depth
Country of Origin: Japan

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