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Highest Buddha

Hand carved Buddha Statue 30cm

Hand carved Buddha Statue 30cm

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This unique Meditating Buddha has been carved by hand from Suar wood which is a fast-growing species, allowing for sustainable cultivation. The Albizia Saman species of tree is widespread, abundant, and in no danger of extinction. The Buddha is carved using tools in the traditional Balinese way, bringing each detail to life in a three-dimensional work of art.

Hand carved Buddha statues can take up to weeks to carve and this particular Buddha has a wonderfully unique mark, making it a very special find.

The Buddha is in the Meditating Pose, depicted with both hands in the lap, face up, and the legs are crossed in a Double Lotus pose. As this statue generally represents focused concentration, the eyes of the Buddha closed nearly all the way. The silhouette of the statue is shaped like a triangle, which represents stability. This beautiful Buddha offers to bring serenity, peace and calm to any home.

Size: 30cm
Weight: 2000 gm
Handmade in Bali

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