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Himalayan Meditation Tibetan Incense

Himalayan Meditation Tibetan Incense

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 This High quality Tibetan incense sticks, prepared by hand from 25 herbal ingredients following the Tibetan scriptural texts and the instructions of Tashi Lama. Most of the rare herbs used are growing naturally in the Himalayas. They are carefully collected to protect the environment and shade dried to preserve their scent and quality. The incense is entirely natural and free from any synthetic substances. Traditionally used to purify the air and environment from negative energies, it also helps in clearing inner blockages and physical and mental disturbances. It is believed that offering this special formulation to the deities during worship and meditation, the generation of inner wisdom is increased, with one attaining physical radiance and longevity.

contains Approx 27 sticks of 8 Inches Long.

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