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Mainichi-Koh Viva Incense - 5 Rolls (250 Sticks)

Mainichi-Koh Viva Incense - 5 Rolls (250 Sticks)

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Mainichi-koh Viva incense is a long lasting incense made by Nippon Kodo, one of Japan’s oldest and most loved incense companies.

Mainichi-koh Viva incense benefits from being produced with natural ingredients and the scent is designed to be long-lasting. The name Mainichi-koh literally means ‘incense for everyday use,’ and in Japan and worldwide this product is widely used on a daily basis. 

Number of Sticks in Box: 250 (5 x 50 Sticks)
Burn Time Per Stick: Approximately 30 Minutes
Net Weight of Incense Per Roll: Approximately 17g
Length of Sticks: Approximately 135mm Long
Dimensions of Box: 10cm Width x 23.5cm Length x 2.1cm Depth
Country of Origin: Japan

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