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Highest Buddha

Mini Brass Buddha Statue 3 cm

Mini Brass Buddha Statue 3 cm

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An intricate, Nepalese made, mini metal figurine of Buddha. There are several variations in the depiction of Buddha and each has its own significant meaning. Variations in the type of hand gesture are known as 'mudra.' The mudra shown in our metal Buddhas is probably the most common and is known as the 'touching the earth' mudra. In this position the left hand rests in Buddha's lap whilst the right hand rests upon the right thigh with the fingers either pointing towards the ground or sometimes actually touching the ground. This represents Buddha's calling of the earth to witness his fulfilment of virtue.

This pocket size figurine is perfect to carry around with you to help you celebrate Buddha.

Size 3 cm
Weight 14 gm
Made in Nepal

Please note: these Mini statues will polish up brightly if you wish them too.

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