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Shikun Jinkoh Aloeswood Incense (400 Sticks)

Shikun Jinkoh Aloeswood Incense (400 Sticks)

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Shikun Jinkoh Aloeswood incense is premium incense made by Japanese incense specialists, Nippon Kodo. 

The Shikun Jinkoh incense is made from the highly prized aloeswood (also sometimes called agarwood) and is an exceptional quality product. Aloewood – called Jinkoh in Japan – is one of the most sought-after woods to make incense from. It can take hundreds of years for aloeswood to fully form and it has a highly exotic scent. 

Nippon Kodo’s Shikun Jinkoh Aloeswood incense comes in a presentation box with Japanese handmade paper and traditional Japanese art lettering.

Number of Sticks in Box: 400
Burn Time Per Stick: Approximately 25 Minutes
Net Weight of Incense: Approximately 180g
Length of Sticks: Approximately 140mm Long
Country of Origin: Japan

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