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Tibetan incense powder Naga 125gm

Tibetan incense powder Naga 125gm

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Original Gangchen incense, prepared by monks in the Himalayan region according to traditional recipe. 

Carefully hand-blended to meet the highest standards of quality, this Naga incense Powder follows a strict formula of beneficial herbs, oils, resins and spices from the Himalayan mountains. Naga Incense Powder releases a mellow and soothing earthy aroma when burnt. 

It is explicitly prepared as an offering to Nagas, powerful serpent-like beings whose abilities are said to include influencing the weather, bestowing good fortune and wealth, and increasing abundance and positivity. Conversely, nagas may also inflict disease, obstacles and natural disasters when displeased, for instance, by human carelessness and disrespect towards the environment. This popular herbal incense is highly sought after for its potent ability to pacify and appease Nagas. 

​100% natural ingredients.

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