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Tibetan Split Door Curtain | Vase of Treasures

Tibetan Split Door Curtain | Vase of Treasures

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This is a beautiful Tibetan Buddhist split door curtain features four hand embroidered hand embroidered Treasure Vase symbols.

The Treasure Vase is a representation of long life and prosperity. This symbol is represented by the traditional Indian water pot that is made of clay. This clay water pot is called “Kalasha.” In India, this sacred pot is venerated, especially, in the Kumbh Mela's Pot Festival. It signifies that even if you take things out of the treasure vase, you will still get offerings out of it.

The Treasure Vase also represents prosperity and wealth. It is also explicative of all the inexhaustible benefits that you can get when you attain enlightenment. Since it is a divine vase of treasure, it is perpetually full. This means that if you aspire for enlightenment, you will be perpetually filled with treasures that do not corrode and fade.

This lovely Tibetan door curtain can also be used as a wall hanging, it has three loops at the top for hanging.

Size approx. 90cm x 190cm

Handmade and Fairtrade from Nepal

Unique item: the one pictured is the one you'll receive.

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