Collection: Butter lamps & Bhumpa

Butter lamps are simply clarified yak butter or vegetable oil in a bowl with a wick. In Tibetan Buddhist tradition, a lot of lights together are conducive for meditation and focusing the mind, Used especially as a devotional offering in Tibetan Buddhist temples.

The Bhumpa or pumpa, is a ritual vase with a spout used in Tibetan Buddhist rituals and empowerments. The bhumpa is understood to be the vessel or the expanse of the Universe.

There are two kinds of bhumpa: the tso (bumpa), or main vase, and the le (bumpa) or activity vase. The main vase is usually placed in the center of the mandala, while the activity vase is placed on the Lama's table and is used by the Chöpön, or ritual specialist, during rituals and empowerments.