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Highest Buddha

Chakra Prayer Flags | 7 Chakra Symbol prayer flags 21 x 21 mm

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Chakra Prayer Flag String (21×21 cm x 1600cm)
The fluttering prayer flag (Lungta) are actually colorful cotton cloth squares. They are mantras and prayers on which are connected together along the top edges

The word chakra literally means "wheel" in Sanskrit and symbolises the flow of energy in our body. The 7 chakras present in your body are actually energy centres and are known to regulate emotions. Their origin can be traced to early Hinduism and Buddhism and both of them talk about the shifting nature of chakras.
According to the meditation practices, if the chakras ever become out of sync, they can negatively impact your physical, mental and spiritual health. Each of the chakras is associated with a particular body part and its proper functioning.

Length: 160cm
 flags. Each flag: 21cm × 21cm
Origin: Nepal