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Ghakyil Ling nunnery

Green Tara Cone Incense

Green Tara Cone Incense

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The composition of Tara incense is based on the sacred Buddhist tantric text of Judey and it is a blend of Rinchen Nge Nga (five precious Gems), balu, sulu, pangpoi, duruka, pekar, gabur, agar, juniper, red and white sandalwood, along with another 48 different types of medicinal herbal ingredients. Offering of the highly valuable incense to lord Tara with the utmost respect and true devotion will help to fulfill your wishes and protect you from obstacles and danger, and also bring you good luck, happiness, and prosperity. 

 This pack Contains No of incense 24 cones Height 2 inch, Duration of Burning 30 min Approx.

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