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Highest Buddha

Hand carved Buddha Statue 34cm

Hand carved Buddha Statue 34cm

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Bring nature inside with these absolutely beautiful natural works of art, which your customers are really going to want to own. They are carved by hand from Suar wood using tools in the traditional  way, bringing each detail to life in a three-dimensional work of art.

Hand Carved Buddha Statue can take up to weeks to carve. The spectacular attention to detail gives the Carved Buddha the realism and beauty.

This Statue is carved by hand from Suar wood fast-growing species, which allows for sustainable cultivation. The Albizia Saman species of tree is widespread, abundant, and in no danger of extinction

Hand down Meaning

Dhyan Mudra It is also known as Samadhi or Yoga mudra. It is performed with the help of two hands which are placed on the lap and place the right hand on the left hand with stretched fingers (thumbs facing upwards and other fingers of both the hand resting on each other.) This is the characteristic gesture of Buddha Shakyamuni, Dhyani Buddha Amitabh and the Medicine Buddha.

Size: 34cm
Weight: 2000 gm
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