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Kaiunkoh Incense - Medium Box (55 Short Sticks)

Kaiunkoh Incense - Medium Box (55 Short Sticks)

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Kaiunkoh means : 'Good Fortune Incense' Kaiunkoh is an old traditional formula. It is very spicy, and rich in Vietnamese aloeswood, and quality sandalwood.

In Japan aloeswood is seen as a sacred and important wood. It is one of the most distinguished ingredients of some Japanese incense. During the Kamakura period (1185-1333) the Japanese began using various raw woods such as aloeswood in the making of incense. Some incense was used in a more recreational way while others were used in the most important of religious ceremonies. This led to a classification system for grading the qualities of aloeswood. The very finest quality aloeswood is referred to as Kyara. Good quality aloeswood fetches very high prices and this is reflected in the prices of the highest quality aloeswood incenses.

Number of sticks: Approximately 55 short sticks. This may vary slightly though as the quantity of incense is based upon weight, not the number of sticks
Stick length: Approx 13.5 cms
Burn time per stick: About 45 minutes per stick
Manufacturer: Baieido, Japan

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