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Chandra Devi

Chandra Devi Lord Buddha Tibetan incense

Chandra Devi Lord Buddha Tibetan incense

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This meditation incense is comprised of soft sandalwood mixed expertly with selected herbs some of which can only be found in the foothills of the Himalayas. The incense allows the delicate, gentle scent of sandalwood to be lightly lifted by the other herbs. This subtle, woody smell is said to help concentrate the mind for meditation.

Tibetan incense is made by crushing and mixing pure ingredients into a paste before rolling them into long sticks (without a wood or bamboo core) which are then cut to the desired length. This method of preparation means that the sticks are naturally thicker and nothing is wasted when they are burnt. There is very little or no use of essential oils to flavour them so when they are thoroughly dried they will last for many years with little degradation in quality.

☸Approx: 17cm Long.
☸42 Sticks.

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