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Lucky Tibetan Black Cord bracelet

Lucky Tibetan Black Cord bracelet

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Handmade knots rope bracelet is made by hand, with good quality braided cord, durable and last long time, super light, safe and comfortable to size but adjustable size make it suit anyone to wear.

In lineages of Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism, tying a cord or string around the wrist is common during ceremonies. The thread gets blessed by a Lama (Buddhist leader) and given to students and practitioners to represent lessons learned or mark the occasion of taking Buddhist vows.

Traditionally, the Lama blesses the string and then ties a knot and imbues it with a mantra. Similar to other traditions, it's said that these red cords bring luck and offer protection. They also serve as a constant reminder of vows if received during a vow ceremony or lessons if received during a retreat.

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