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Oedo Koh

Oedo-Koh Aloeswood Incense (60 Sticks)

Oedo-Koh Aloeswood Incense (60 Sticks)

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Oedo-Koh Aloeswood incense is a high quality Japanese incense made by Nippon Kodo. The Oedo-Koh range is inspired by the art, craft and culture of old Edo – the Japanese city now known as Toyko. 

During the old Edo reign, the fragrance of aloeswood was regarded as being a highly prized scent, so the Oedo-Koh Aloeswood incense pays tribute to this. The incense uses top quality kyara aloeswood, which is why the box refers to this being, “Kyara Hime.”

The box and incense is in the traditional colour of purple and the scent is a delicate and luxurious fragrance. The Oedo-Koh Aloeswood incense comes in a paulownia wood box, with outer sleeve, a tin incense stick holder and an explanatory leaflet.

Number of Sticks in Box: 60
Burn Time Per Stick: Approximately 12 Minutes
Net Weight of Incense: Approximately 10g
Length of Sticks: Approximately 56mm Long
Dimensions of Box: 6.7cm Width x 10.2cm Length x 2.2cm Depth
Country of Origin: Japan

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