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Highest Buddha

Resin Statue of Amogasiddhi Buddha On Buddhas Hand

Resin Statue of Amogasiddhi Buddha On Buddhas Hand

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Amoghasiddhis is one of the five important Dhyani Buddhas. His name describes his characteristics perfectly. Amogha(Amoha) means the exclusion of confusion or spiritual ignorance, siddhi means Mastery in a subject. So in Amoghashiddhi is a Master to help remove confusion and spiritual ignorance.
"Mogha" can also be translated as a failure, unfruitful, or unsuccessful. Thus Amogasiddhi is also the master of success, the one whose success cannot be obstructed. This is perhaps the most common description for Amogasiddhi, "the Buddha of unobstructed success."

Height: 16cm Approx. 

Hand Made in Nepal

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