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Shingkham Kunkhyab

Shingkham Kunkhyab Tibetan Healing Incense

Shingkham Kunkhyab Tibetan Healing Incense

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 Shingkham Kun khyab is probably the best of these incenses in the Tashi Lhunpo category. It’s the one incense in the catalog that improves on this generic berry aroma, featuring a much deeper and even intrinsic aroma. Like most “red sticks” there’s a middle that implies an herbal mix that gives the incense some depth and in SKKK’s case the contour of the scent is almost dead perfect. The folks who introduced me to this incense said it reminded them of a morning after a rain and it’s an image impossible to shake when burning this incense, due to the damp aroma that really does have that “after the rain” sort of fresh smell to it. This richness is almost reminiscent of cherry kool-aid powder, although never getting too sweet. 

Tibetan Shingkham Kunkhyab Healing Herbal Incense is prepared from several different medicinal herbs from high Himalayan regions and plants from Southern India.
It is purely handmade, based on ancient Tibetan tradition. This herbal incense is naturally gifted towards various disorders and clarity of mind.
It is generally used during religious ceremonies, meditation sessions, purification of surroundings

Contents: ± 28 sticks  15 cm

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