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Incense Craft

Siddhartha aromatic incense

Siddhartha aromatic incense

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Siddhartha aromatic incense combines diverse Tibetan medicinal herbs, following ancient Tibetan formulae, to release a fragrance that purifies the air and environment, warding off unwanted negative energies. Length 17cmSticks 27 Imagine yourself enveloped in a gentle cloud of tranquility, guided by centuries-old Tibetan wisdom. Free yourself from the stresses of everyday life, and refresh your surroundings with each stick of Siddhartha aromatic incense. Consciously crafted from a medley of Tibetan herbs, this mystical blend purifies your home's aura, shielding against unwelcome influences and fostering positive energy. At 17cm long and including 27 sticks, our incense offers you a luxurious and sustainable means to deepen relaxation and tap into a secret, ancient world.



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