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The Everflowing Nectar of Bodhicitta Book

The Everflowing Nectar of Bodhicitta Book

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“This teaching contains the essence of thought transformation, exchanging self for others. By putting these eight verses into practice every day of our lives we can change our normal attitude of self cherishing into the pure, precious thought of Bodhichitta”. – Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Bodhichitta is the special brave attitude wishing to attain enlightenment for the purpose of benefiting others. Without it, enlightenment is not possible. In fact, as long as one maintain the habit of selfish thinking, there is no opportunity even for temporal happiness. These eight short verses are easy to memorize and have the power to turn the difficult people in our lives into precious teachers. This is a most essential practice for both temporal happiness and ultimate enlightenment. It is a great method for transforming problems into happiness and a powerful tool for healing.

Bodhi' is the Sanskrit word for 'enlightenment', and 'chitta' the word for 'mind'; therefore 'bodhichitta' literally means 'mind of enlightenment'. It is defined as a mind, motivated by compassion for all living beings, that spontaneously seeks enlightenment.

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Fairtrade from Nepal
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