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Tibetan Hand Beaten Jambati Singing Bowl | Primordial Buddha Samantabhadra YabYum

Tibetan Hand Beaten Jambati Singing Bowl | Primordial Buddha Samantabhadra YabYum

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This unique Tibetan singing bowl is beautifully crafted by artisans of the Himalayas from Nepal. Inside it is etched with a beautiful centre piece of Primordial Buddha Samantabhadra, surrounded with intricately etched Endless Knots and Om scripture. Outside it is decorated with Om symbols and Dorje, and on the bottom it has a centre Om and scripture surround.

The tone is full and rich, and the vibration is good with long resonance for meditation practice.

Samantabhadra YabYum is also called Dharmakaya Samantabhadra. The primordial Buddha, Samantabhadra is renowned as the first buddha since he is the primordial perfection of all enlightened qualities and is the ruler or guru of all buddhas. Samantabhadra is the originally pure state of supreme emptiness, the ground of being for all beings and all buddhas in the form of a deity with face and hands. He is the symbol for the fact that mind is imbued with the seed of Buddhahood. Representing the embodiment of the wisdom of essential sameness or insight into the unity of sameness and difference. Yab-um is Tibetan for father and mother and a term for masculine and feminine deities in sexual union. This is an image seen frequently in Tibetan art.

Samantabhadra YabYum expresses the unity of the masculine principle of compassion and the feminine principle of wisdom. This yab-yum serves primarily as an aid to concentration in fusing the masculine and feminine energies.

The complete package includes the Singing Bowl, accompanying ring cushion and a Puja.

Size 21 cm
Weight 1075 gm
Handmade and Fair Trade from Nepal
Unique item. There is only one of these available.

This is a Unique item, the bowl pictured is the one you'll receive.

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