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Tibetan Prayer flags | Eight Auspicious Symbols

Tibetan Prayer flags | Eight Auspicious Symbols

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Set of Tibetan Prayer flags featuring the Buddhist Eight Auspicious Symbols, names and descriptions.

The origin of the 8 Tibetan Buddhist symbols can be traced back to ancient times, to ancient India where Buddhism originated. Although some of these eight symbols may be associated with the ancient royal rituals in India on the coronations of kings, some of these eight symbols were slowly imbibed into Buddhism. These symbols then were adapted for local Tibetan Buddhism.

Some of these symbols, however, originated from Tibet, and have their own local implications. At present, the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism are closely related to the Buddha or Dharma. These symbols of Buddhism represent the offerings that were made to Buddha by the gods when he achieved enlightenment.

Material: cotton
Size: 25cm x 21cm - length 205cm
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